Introducing an adorable new friend that will have your child Starry Eyed!

Reach for the stars and make someone’s dreams come true with Wish Upon a Star®!

This exclusive limited-edition package, is the most enchanting gift in the Universe. Whether it’s for a child or a child at heart, this delightful present includes an adorable, irresistibly soft plush toy and the opportunity to name a real star in the sky. Imagine the joy of having a unique wishing star named after you or your loved one! With Wish Upon a Star®, you can create a lasting memory and share in the wonder of the cosmos.

How to Name a Star and Make a Wish with your secret code.

  • Open your keepsake box.
  • Scan the QR Code to visit the website.
  • Scratch off to reveal your secret code on the hang tag.
  • Then enter your code to unlock the star naming page!
  • Enter the new star name, dedication date, choose a constellation, and make a wish!

You will receive a digital certificate and star chart to print and share. You can even download your personalized Wish upon a Star® certificate so you or your parents can share with friends and family online.

*If you already have your Wish Upon a Star® Code, click here to name a star and make a wish!