Twinkling Stars Foundation

We frequently name stars for charities and humanitarian causes, and we do so at no charge, with a smile. The Missing Children’s Network, Share the Warmth, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, schools and humane societies throughout the country as well as numerous support groups are among the organizations that we support from year to year.

We also sometimes receive calls from parents who are going through the worst of griefs, that of a very young child, whom we sometimes call our Angel Stars. Parents tell us that they would like to support other parents who are mourning the loss of a child, and would like to show their solidarity by setting aside funds that will enable us to name stars free of charge for deceased children, based on the “pay it forward” model.

We have thus connected with the Twinkling Stars Foundation, and collect donations on our website which will be used to name stars in memory of deceased children. If you wish to support this cause to alleviate families’ pain, do not hesitate to make a donation, it will bring satisfaction of having helped someone who is in great need of compassion.