Why name a star?

Life’s momentous events give us many reasons to name a star: a birth, a graduation, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, an achievement, even a loved one’s passing… You may have your very own reason to want to officially name a star, and we would love to help.

  1. Name a very special star

    Choose the name that you would like to give to the star – generally, stargazers like to use the recipient’s name, but if you feel inspired, don’t hesitate to get creative!

  2. A most original gift

    Your star package will include a beautiful 30 x 40 cm full colour parchment certificate, personalized with the star name, date on which you would like the name to become effective, and coordinates for the star that we will have named for you. Your package will also include a personalized 30 x 40 cm sky chart showing the shape of the constellation and indicating the star’s location, circled in red. Your package will also include a letter of congratulations/memorial as well as a booklet on astronomy.

  3. Find the star that we have named for you

    In addition to the sky chart which will be part of your gift package, you will also receive an email providing a link to the Worldwide Telescope, which will enable you to see, through the magic of the web, the star that was named for you.

Name your star now

Stars as unique as we are

International Star Registry was created in 1979, and four decades later, it still is the world reference for the registration of star names. Our offices in 17 countries spanning the six continents work together to ensure that each star is only named once, and that each star will keep its name for all eternity.